Entrepreneurial​ Spirit — Art Form

Being raised by an entrepreneur, it would make sense that I gravitate towards companies and leaders who were known for their entrepreneurial spirit. At Paul Mitchell, we were taught to work smarter, not harder. We built a culture of working hard, giving back and having time to have fun.

Throughout the nine years of owning a food business, John Paul’s words would find their way into my work day, especially if it was a long one: Successful people do all the things unsuccessful people don’t want to do. And yes, this often meant staying late during product launches or doing the craziness of the holiday season.

What drives my work ethic is my entrepreneurial spirit. After a owning a business for so long, I know the value of a dollar, an hour, how to calculate the risk and the knowledge of when to cut corners and when not to. Moreover, I have the ultimate respect for the leaders, the risk takers and the teamwork it takes to build a successful business.

My life’s mission: never be afraid to roll up my sleeves and never be afraid to help. It’s not the position — it is the purpose.