Organization – An Art Form?

Over my entire career, the following description has followed me: You are extremely organized and have great attention to detail. I have to admit, for a while, the story overshadowed how I perceived my talents, often describing myself as: I am the most linear person I know.

Truth: It was only after years of working with entrepreneurial companies (and owning one) and artists, I realized I possess a unique art-form: combining critical thinking and visual skills. The second part of the equation: add being “extremely organized,” and attentive to details.

Regardless of the type of project, strategizing change, establishing & executing budgets, designing a trade show booth, producing events or developing brand stories — I look at each project with a 360° overview of the company’s objective, as well as their resources.

My success in managing creative & strategic projects incorporates a process that not only produces excellent results — but cultivates team, vendor and cost efficiencies; respect and ultimately, the most important goal of executing the strategic objectives of the organization.

  1. Establish Objective
  2. Dream, Draw, Establish Needs
  3. Communicate, Source, Negotiate
  4. Design
  5. Execute, Analyze, Strategize Change
  6. Repeat